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Water and Irrigation

Irrigation Systems Functionality: Management & Maintenance

NevaTeam offers service to assess functionality of irrigation systems.

This service comprises a number of stages:

  1. Familiarization with the area for cultivation, data collection and study of the area's overall makeup -  as steps in preparation for conducting an assessment to develop a description of the situation.
  2. Carrying out a survey that includes mapping irrigation systems, determining their condition, inspection of drip irrigation system and other irrigation equipment, and drawing up a technical and financial proposal for renovating or improving the client's existing systems
  3. Consultation and guidance for the renovation processes, creating work procedures, and building a routine for appropriate maintenance..
  4. The final stage includes on-going follow-up of the data collected by the farmer or by automatic means, data analysis, and development of alerts and instructions for action according to the need. Based on this information exception reports are created and passed on to the parties involved.