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Control & Monitoring

Advanced control Systems for agriculture and irrigation

Today's marketplace for automated systems is replete with high-quality computers, controllers, sensors, and measuring devices. All these elements have been developed for various requirements and for performing under different conditions.

At times there can be problems choosing the system, equipment, and accessories appropriate for a specific situation.

NevaTeam specializes in analyzing the client's needs and choosing the accessories and computer and control systems that will guarantee proper and reliable functioning in accordance with the customer's unique needs.

After setting up the systems NevaTeam supports the client during the run-in, implementation, and operational stages.  This results in extracting the maximum benefit from the system on a daily basis.

NevaTeam manages integrated systems that are built with computer-managed control, data systems, and the ability to operate the complex interface with equipment in the growing area of crops.

These systems offer the answer to complex growing conditions that demand continual study and analysis of the changing conditions and the decision-making necessary to provide the crop with the optimal growing conditions.

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