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Agricultural Ecology

Comprehensive Regional Solutions

During day-to-day agricultural activities there are various factors that could possibly cause a detrimental effect on the ecological balance in the agricultural environment.

NevaTeam strives to analyze and understand the potential effects of activities on the environment, and develop solutions for problems in which difficulties affect the regional agricultural activities, with the goal of reducing effects of these difficulties. 

Agricultural activity, at times, pollutes the same area that it takes place on or an adjacent area. Furthermore, agriculture uses products whose source is other agricultural by-products.

NevaTeam is active in channeling agrotechnical activities in ways to minimize pollution factors , such as fertilization based on the crop's specific needs while minimizing release of pollutants, and dispersing organic additives for maximum benefit to the plant and minimum loss of nutrients underground.

Plant Protection: Integrated Pest Management (IPM) -intelligent selection and use of pest control actions