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Water and Irrigation

Irrigation Systems Functionality: Management & Maintenance

NevaTeam offers service to assess functionality of irrigation systems.

This service comprises a number of stages:

  1. Familiarization with the area for cultivation, data collection and study of the area’s overall makeup –  as steps in preparation for conducting an assessment to develop a description of the situation.
  2. Carrying out a survey that includes mapping irrigation systems, determining their condition, inspection of drip irrigation system and other irrigation equipment, and drawing up a technical and financial proposal for renovating or improving the client’s existing systems
  3. Consultation and guidance for the renovation processes, creating work procedures, and building a routine for appropriate maintenance..
  4. The final stage includes on-going follow-up of the data collected by the farmer or by automatic means, data analysis, and development of alerts and instructions for action according to the need. Based on this information exception reports are created and passed on to the parties involved.
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Design of Irrigation Systems

NevaTeam is involved in designing piping systems for water, drainage, and sewage, and also in supervision of their construction.

As part of the design all the client’s needs are taken into consideration, with an emphasis on  soil characteristics and water quality. The type of piping and accessories are all fitted to fulfill the client’s requirements.

The service includes plans, bills of materials, preparing RFP documents, and conducting tours for potential contractors. It also includes scrutinizing the potential manufacturers and suppliers in order to guarantee successful completion of the project with the right accessories and at the proper cost.

NevaTeam places the utmost importance on the stage where work is carried out. Only meticulous obedience to all the components in the system guarantees reliable functionality throughout the years, and efficient and inexpensive operation and maintenance.

NevaTeam specializes in analysis and design of local and regional water systems for collection, pumping, conveyance, and supply.

These systems, each based on specific agricultural requirements, are designed for reliability, for efficient energy usage, and with the ability to operate and maintain them easily.

Irrigation System Design for Meeting Crop Needs

The industry creating irrigation equipment has made enormous strides forward in recent years and has developed equipment and accessories enabling irrigation via a wide choice of methods.

NevaTeam characterizes the unique needs of various crops under varying soil and environmental conditions  using different methods of irrigation and watering systems (open systems, sprinklers and mini-sprinklers, drip irrigation )  for various crops.

Advanced Technologies

NevaTeam  continually updates its expertise in advanced irrigation technologies and their application to different crops and conditions. Modern agriculture deals with intensive methods for growing with high demands for precision and the utmost reliability. NevaTeam’s experts develop advances in irrigation technologies through integration of irrigation components and computerized monitoring and control to ensure the best conditions for growth. Among the technologies: recycling water,High-Frequency Low-Volume Irrigation, advanced systems for precise application of nutrients, and control systems for soilless culture.