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Soil Assessments

As part of preparing plans for converting fields for agricultural use, NevaTeam carries out professional soil assessments with an emphasis on the unique needs of the planned crops. The assessment includes: Soil characteristics mapping carried out by a soil expert, analysis, and determining the necessary steps for the field to yield crops. The survey results are analyzed with consideration for the client’s needs, which are an important factor in reaching decisions.

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Soil Reclamation and Improving Marginal Soil

In many plots of farming land, in Israel and around the world, soil characteristics are downgraded by improper agricultural methods or by human intervention, such as  digging, soil transfer, and soil compression.

NevaTeam has expertise in determining the means and the methods required for reclaiming soil characteristics to make it reusable for agriculture.

The interminable population growth on the planet and the resulting augmented demand for food forces expansion of agricultural areas. This results in the need to take advantage of soil considered to be of poor quality or even unfit for agriculture.

NevaTeam specializes in analyzing and characterizing soil quality of each plot of land. IT plans the actions and methods necessary for improving its characteristics, and making it serviceable for crops.

Overall Planning

During the planning stages of the crops, numerous factors are considered, such as: soil characteristics; topography  and climate conditions, in order to enable suitable growth while protecting against soil erosion; determining appropriate mechanization to prevent wreaking havoc on soil characteristics; and environmental pollution resulting from above-ground or underground wash-off of chemicals.

Water Quality

NevaTeam’s has specialized in monitoring water quality for agriculture and finding engineering and agricultural solutions in this area. In locales where water quality is unreliable NevaTeam characterizes, monitors, and provides professional solutions appropriate to the specific needs of each crop. Also, NevaTeam has developed expertise in automated systems for supplying water of varying quality.