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Agricultural Training

NevaTeam’s  professionals offer the farmer both consultating and on-going assistance in various growing situations. Consulting includes seasonal planning, continuous follow-up during the season, and an analysis of the data and the results over a multi-year period.

Each grower and plot of land receives its own recommendations and instructions in accordance with the overall plans of the farmer, considering the status of the plot. During the growing season the farmer maintains a continuous follow-up of the crop under the guidance of NevaTeam.

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Agronomic Characterization of new projects

Modern agriculture raises challenges and sets various constraints for the farmer. Unique requirements of the crop, characteristics of the soil and the changing quality of the water, climate conditions that are far from optimal for growth, market conditions, and others.

The NevaTeam professionals, with participation of the farmer, develop an updated and reliable description of the situation, taking into account the various components likely to influence the success of the crop. This description, with the professional analysis of all the options available based on the soil, water, irrigation possibilities, crop protection, and other factors enable formulating the optimal plan that includes building an infrastructure, an agrotechnical management plan, multi-year plans, marketing, etc.

Changing Conditions: Soil properties, Water quality, Climate conditions

Population increase in Israel and the rest of the world forces agriculture to expand by exploiting marginal soil and lower quality water. Furthermore, in numerous cases seasoned farmers are forced to confront problems unknown to them in the past in areas like crop protection, water quality, and soil structure destruction.

NevaTeam has built up extensive experience in understanding and analyzing the entire scope of conditions that can create difficulties in proper management of agriculture. By studying the influential factors, analyzing the relative importance of each one, and finding unique solutions to handle the difficulties, NevaTeam succeeds in aiding its clients in carrying out quality and profitable agriculture even under unfavorable conditions.

Ongoing agricultural support for farmers and organizations

Intensive cultivation has developed during recent years with the aim of attaining optimal use of employees, water, soil, etc.  This class of crops includes vegetables, flowers, spices, various plant nurseries, and certain types of orchards. The intensive character of this farming raises challenges and difficulties with which the farmer must cope, such as a high level of sanitation, precise irrigation demands, and managing climate control systems. The majority of basic food, though, is the product of extensive cultivation in open fields and in large quantities.

NevaTeam’s experts have built up extensive experience in a combination of consulting and support for crops growing, with an emphasis on finding optimal solutions for managing them.